Read the first eBook in the Lily Lemon Blossom Series completely FREE. Yay! -- Lily invites you to see her lovely room and meet her many friends, including Bunny Rabbit and Josephine her kitten. The room comes alive with its vibrant colors and huggable plush toys. It's a happy place for a happy little girl and her friends. Free Children Books - Amazon Kindle Reader - Children Books Online - Amazon Kindle - Children Books. Listen to the AUDIO BOOK: Lily's Audio Book

Lily Lemon Blossom and her friends love to play Hide and Seek. Little Readers will love helping Lily search for her bunny, bears, dolls and friends. It's their best game of hide and seek ever! Who will Lily find first? Who will it be?

Celebrate Christmas with Lily Lemon Blossom and her friends in this magical story of friendship and giving. Christmas is almost here, which means Bunny, Evergreen and Big Baby Bear must think of a very special gift to get for Lily this Christmas—even shy turtle has come out of his shell to help decide! Can Lily's friends come up with the perfect gift in time for Christmas? Or will they need a little help from Santa Clause? What will Lily's present be? Find out in this beautifully Illustrated Picture Book. "A Very Lily Christmas" is a heartwarming story that brings the magic of Christmas to life! For boys and girls ages 2–5.

Let's count together from 1 to 10 with Lily Lemon Blossom and her friends!!! Lily Lemon Blossom is learning her 123’s. Tee hee! So cute! And she wants to count together with your little readers. Especially cutie pie, smiley face ones! This numbers book, written in classic Lily Lemon Blossom’s cheerful rhyming style will make counting and smiling on bright sunshiny days the most fun ever! Eep!! Count lady bugs, dinosaurs, cupcakes and even a honey bun! Yep! And you should see the bumbling, tumbling tangle Josephine gets herself into. It’s a right mess! Playful and fun, little girls and boys will love counting and learning with Lily Lemon Blossom…. Big girls and boys too! Happy Counting!!!

Lily Lemon Blossom painted pictures of her ABC's for show and tell today. She can't wait to show you!!! Lily's ABC's are completely magical! And learning the alphabet by way of SHOW and TELL has never been so much fun!!! This Alphabet book, written in classic Lily Lemon Blossom’s cheerful rhyming style will make learning the ABC's ever so much fun! Ooh, look it! Show and Tell is about to start. Are you ready Lily? Eeeekkkk! Here we go!!!