Lily Lemon Blossom Im on a Roll
Lily Lemon Blossom Im on a Roll

I'm on a Roll!

Bunny & me are going skating today in the park. Hold on tight Bunny!

Lily Lemon Blossom
Did you know that Lily Lemon Blossom is the star of her very own children’s picture book series, and now she is starring in her very own dress-up paper doll collection? Dress Lily in her favorite fashions, she loves to play dress up!

Paper dolls are the perfect creatiave play project for children, simply cut them out, fold the tabs, you can even add a dab of glue for a more secure fit.

Lovely Free Printable
Print out this lovely little outfit, horizontal, onto 8.5x11 regular printer paper or light card stock and have fun! Feel free to download the entire collection!

*You must be 13 years or older to download this PDF. This PDF may contain ads and promotions for additional Lily Lemon Blossom Merchandise.